As one of the most renowned portrait photographers in Malta, JJ Chircop offers you to the possibility of creating impactful portraits, both on location or inside our studio, using state-of-the-art equipment, the best cameras, lenses, lighting, computers and image-editing software, all with the purprose of crafting images that make your imagination come to life on paper. 
Portrait photography is somewhat unique compared to other types of photography. Usually the context of the image is provided by events or places that are being photographed. Portrait tells its story by using the right lighting, angles, but also by making sure it captures the subject’s pose and facial expression in a way that’s visually pleasing. We’ve all heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and it rings so true in this case. Sure, it is a must to have a picture that faithfully represents the look of a subject being portrayed, but there’s also room for so much more inside one photo than just physical apperance. Even though a single image is limited by the constrains of printing paper or pixel count, the possiblities are endless.   
Looking at a person’s face, if we look really hard, if we immerse ourselves in the image, unexpectedly, it comes to life. It tells us a story about the person at that particular moment, frozen in time, whether through a look in their eyes, wrinkles on their face or a smile. A carefully captured image can convey emotions, help us wipe the dust off forgotten memories and provoke us to think really hard, more so than any other type of photography.
The initial stage in portrait photography is a meeting, during which we will decide together on the theme and purpose of the images, and the effect you desire to achieve. If you decide on our portrait photography, JJ Chircop guarantees you a professional and swift service, great communication, and above everything else, outstanding photographs which will grace the frames in your home for a long time.