Here at JJ Chircop photography, we offer the option of framing your photos, making sure they stand out on the shelves of your home, or on the desk inside your office. Athough some may casually disregard the importance of a good frame, choosing whichever frame catches their eyes first, or, even worse, none, we maintain that choosing the right frame for your photographs makes their impact that much greater, providing an additional quality you wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise.
A great frame guides your eye away from distractions surronding the photograph, and the photograph becomes the sole focus of your attention. With the right framing, you provide a foundation for the image, not just in the physical sense, by making it stand out on its own, as a separate entity. Just like a shoe doesn’t fit every foot, every photograph has the right frame that complements it perfectly. Yes, the frame has to focus the viewer’s eye on the photo, but once it does that, it stills needs to be low-key enough not to take away anything from the photo. Some images might benefit from robust, attractive, in-your-face framing, while others might feel more at home when provided with sleek, simple framing, which gives away the impression of subtle elegance.    
Whatever your preferences are, JJ Chircop Photography has a wide variety of framing options for you to choose from. High quality wooden mouldings are at your disposal, designed to fit everyone’s taste, ranging from plain, simple colours, to the ones that involve more complex and elaborate finishes, for you to showcase your photographs and mementos close to your heart, all at affordable prices. To protect your photographs from being damaged we can add a non-reflective or clear glass to it. We also offer different printing materials of outstanding quality, including fine art canvas and photo paper, ensuring that you receive flawless results every time.