Photo shoots and portraiture:
Whether it’s on location or inside our well-equipped studio, we will provide with a professional photo session, creating a series of striking images or an impactful portrait that will become a great reminder of you in that particular time period. Using the best cameras, lenses and lighting, and the latest image-editing software, JJ Chircop Photography will craft excellent photographs that will grace the frames in your home or in your office. Click here for more information.
Baby and Kids Photo shoots:
When children are born into this world, every day with them is such a rewarding experience. Growing their first tooth, taking the first step, playing with toys, learning how to swim and many other precious moments are something that money simply cannot buy, but what you can do is capture those moments forever through timeless images of your children. JJ Chircop is at your service. Click here for more information.
Holy Communion and Confirmation:
As one the finest photography services in Malta, JJ Chircop Photography recognizes the importance of sacraments in one’s life, such as Holy Communion and Confirmation. Religion plays an important role in people’s lives, and the Holy Communion and Confirmation, along with Baptism, represent the three most sacred Christian rites. JJ Chircop provides you with an opportunity to capture those solemn spiritual moments. Click here for more information.
One of the proudest moments in a young person’s life, not only for them, but for their families and friends as well. Graduation represents a step on their journey to becoming full-fledged adults, and JJ Chircop Photography recognizes the importance of that moment and offers you the opportunity to record the beginning of the journey in the comfort of our studio in Malta. Click here for more information.
When it comes to wedding photography in Malta, you can rest assured that your moments of love and joy will be safe in our hands. Don’t let a single magical moment go uncaptured by our camera lens, as JJ Chircop makes sure the entire shoot is an experience to remember. We also offer a multitude of different wedding packages, so you can choose one which suits your needs best. Click here for more information or visit our WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE!
Family events:
Moments we share with our families are something each one of us carries through life, fondly remembering that warm, cozy corner of the world, that is our family. But, unfortunately going through life we tend to forget how important family is, so JJ Chircop photography offers you the chance to freeze those precious moments, making sure that they don’t fade away over time. Click here for more information.
If you’re an artist, a model, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, or if your profession requires you to have a good portfolio, JJ Chircop offers the finest portfolio photography in Malta. Making sure that you stand out head and shoulders above the competition, we create eye-catching portfolios that will not go unnoticed, giving you the attention and recognition you deserve. Click here for more information.
Whatever your preferences are, JJ Chircop Photography has a wide variety of framing options for you to choose from. Choosing the right frame for your photographs makes their impact that much greater, providing an additional quality you wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise. High quality wooden mouldings are at your disposal, designed to fit everyone’s taste, all at affordable prices. Click here for more information.
Maternity shoots:
Don’t miss the opportunity to bring joy to a mother-to-be by booking a session with JJ Chircop, one the most renowned photographers in Malta. During pregnancy, it’s all centered toward the new baby. But, we should also take the time to appreciate the moms, as well. Taking a good maternity shot is a delicate matter, we will give our best to make the entire shooting a pleasant experience. Click here for more information.
Gift Vouchers:
JJ Chircop Photography offers you a wide variety of vouchers to choose, which can be used for any of the services we provide. The vouchers come in a silver or gold envelope, with a personal message to the receiver. So, whatever the occasion, whether you want to surprise someone for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, birthday, Christmas, or you just simply want to make someone happy for the sake of making them feel good, our gift vouchers are the perfect choice. For more information, give us a call. We are expecting you. Click here for more information.